As we get ready for our competiton on Saturday, the 12th, our team is preparing our robot, and our handouts for the competiton. While our programmers are busy making autonomous programs for our competiton, our builders are packing up our stuff, and preparing our pit stand. One thing we wanted to get done at this competiton was a collection drive for supplies to an FLL team in South Africa that cannot afford or get their own supplies, however, the FTCNJ administration would not allow us to collect supplies at our events. We are still working on a new way to get supplies to them, in a different form. Additionally, we took our official 2022-23 team pictures last week, and they are posted below!


This week, our team rebuilt the chassis after identifying and fixing our motor problems. We finished one side of our drawer slide lift, and we set our goals for the rest of the time before our first competition in November. Now that our chassis is finished, our programmers can start working on autonomous programs and then after we add the lift, they can master our autos. We also finished CADding our intake claw mechanism, which we hope to print tomorrow. 


Sufficient progress has been in terms of programming. The game randomizes the position of the parking zone using a set of three images that can be detected by the camera. We have decided to create our own team sleeve using "April Tags" which will simplify our image detection. Currently, the code is working flawlessly to detect the specific "April Tag" which is great! Now we have started the development of auton routes which will be refined as the season continues. 


We have finished moving our FTC supplies to our new location! Additionally, we are gearing up for kickoff on September 10th, with our rookie sister team 14498! Our team can't wait to start off Power Play!


Today, we completed this website!