Interested in Sponsoring Our Team?

17036 Sponsorship Packet 2022-23

A donation of any size is extremely helpful to our team! Below are some of the benefits for higher forms of sponsorship, but any amount would help our team get new supplies, materials, tools, team gear, and more. Donations can be anonymous or you can choose to have your name revealed to the team, or on our website. We will have an online donation option coming soon. In the meantime, please email if you wish to make a personal donation to the team

Send us an email at if your company is interested in sponsoring us and getting some of the benefits below! 

Bronze Sponsor

$250 - $499

Silver Sponsor

$500 - $749

Gold Sponsor

$750- $999

Platinum Sponsor


These benefits are subject to change, and team 17036 reserves the right to change the benefits, but we will make an effort to ensure similar exposure.

Additionally, sponsors may only be on the team shirts if they agree to sponsor 17036 before we purchase our shirts (Usually mid October)