Meet the Team

Powerplay 2022-2023

Jesse Sklar - Co-Captain

Aug 2016: My first year at robotech, I worked on a Ev3 Mindstorms robot on the FLL Field Mission Mars. I won first place at Robotech, and completed most of the challenges.

Sep 2016: I continued working on mind-storms robots with legos for the next year, and worked on several past FLL fields.

Sep 2017: Now, I joined a Robotech FLL Team, where I practiced judging, and continued working on Lego Robots

Spring 2018: I advanced to VEX IQ, and competed with others at Robotech, placing second twice in a row at the different robotech competitons.

Spring 2019: I started working on the FTC Team at robotech learning how they build and function.

Sep 2019: I officially joined the FTC team for the Skystone season. We advanced to the state championship, however, it was cancelled due to COVID.

Sep 2020: I continued on the FTC team 17036 during the Ultimate Goal competition. We advanced to the state championship, and made it to the semi-finals. Throughout the season, I was taught CAD, and I learned how to operate the 3d Printer. Additionally, I took a class on Java at Robotech.

Sep 2021: I now became higher up in 17036, and worked mechanically on improving our Freight Frenzy robot, which again made it to the semi-finals of the State Championship. Additionally, I worked on a humanoid Robot project called TOBOR at robotech. 

Spring 2022: I taught CAD and Mechanics at Robotech to many teenagers, and began working shifts at Robotech.

Sep 2022: I became Captain of 17036, and along with building a functional robot, I CADded the entire thing. Additionally, I joined my high school Vex robotics team 2616Knights at Cherry Hill East. I am primarily a builder on that team, but I am also trying to learn programming. In addition to these, I am mentoring another FTC team, 14498, on their building since they are a rookie team.

Neel Awsare - Co-Captain

My name is Neel Awsare, and I am 15 years old. I attend Rancocas Valley Regional High School as a 10th grader. Previously, I have competed in WRO, FLL, and VEX IQ competitions since 4th grade at Robotech. Most notably, I had traveled to West Virginia in 2019 to compete in the WRO nationals competition. Regarding FTC, I had been a member of the Robotech Warriors during the 7th and 8th grades and am now a member of the Robotech Anomaly since the 9th grade. Currently, I am a programmer and driver for Anomaly. In the future, I aim to become an engineer, focusing on computer science. I was also accepted into my school's engineering program, PLTW. During the summer, I have instructed summer camps for younger students at Robotech. Besides robotics, I like to play golf and code computer games.

Douglas Ringenary - Mech

Hi, my name is Douglas Ringenary and I’m 18 years old. I joined Robotech when I was 9. I started with Lego Mindstorms then slowly moved my way up the ladder, learning important skills along the way. In 2016, I competed with my team in the Animal Allies Lego tournament for FIRST. A year later, I participated in a VEX competition. In 2018, I joined FTC. The team I was on got 3rd place in the region. We then were supposed to go to the state championship for FTC 2019/2020, but quarantine happened. Even though I’m a builder and an operator, I want to learn programing in the future. I look forward to another GREAT year at Robotech.     

Isaiah Dupree - Mech

My name is Karina Gupta and I am currently a 11th grader at Cherry Hill East High School. This is my second year doing the First Tech Challenge. This year, I work on the website and hardware. Last year, I helped build the robot and worked on the engineering notebook. In previous years, I did FLL, VEX IQ and WRO. On my WRO team, we were able to place 1st in the state and then advance on to nationals where we placed 10th.  Along with robotics, I help my community with different events such as making blankets. 

Jackson Beairsto - Mech

I am from Lumberton, New Jersey. In Sixth Grade I joined Robotech and worked on vex and lego. During my Sophomore year in high school I joined the FTC team. I am interested in robotics because I want to pursue engineering when he gets older. In robotics I am more interested in building and cading than anything else. Outside of Robotics I like to watch film and swim.

Pranav Palle - Coding

My name is Pranav Palle and I am currently in 12th grade. I started doing robotics at my middle school Robotics Club in 7th grade and have engineered a passion for building and coding. I started learning programming in various languages such as C, Java, Python, and HTML. I competed in WRO (World Robot Olympiad) and got third place in the country. Currently, I am doing FTC (First Tech Challenge) as a coder.

Rohin Amaro - Mech

Sachin Awsare - Rookie

My name is Sachin Awsare and I like robotics and sports. I am from Lumberton, New Jersey. I attend Lumberton Middle School and I am 13 years old. I have been doing Robotics for many years and I like programming. I have done competitions in the past and came in first place. I joined the team because I want to learn new things and meet new people.

Zach Blackman - Rookie

Zach is from voorhees New Jersey. He started coming to Robotech when He was 6 years old in the lego young engineers class. When he turned 8 he started EV3. At the age of 9 he competed in the hydrodynamics FLL competition, his first competition. When he was ten he competed in the city shapers FLL competition When he was eleven he started vex IQ robotics. At the age of twelve he competed in the rise above vex IQ competition. The next year he competed in vex IQ’s pitching in, and won a couple competition’s. Now he is on the robotech FTC team Anomaly, and is ready to learn and compete with his new team.